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When growing a business, you need access to working capital. Traditional loans can’t always cut it, as they may be slow and require a cumbersome amount of paperwork. In contrast, commercial finance with a third party lender, such as Park Cedar Commercial Lending, can provide fast, flexible funding.

Lines of Credit

Myriad Benefits

When you’re trying to close a business deal, you need cash fast. That’s why Park Cedar Commercial Lending processes applications quickly, with some financing options providing funds as soon as 24 hours after approval. Additionally, our vast portfolio offers many other benefits:

  • Options with no collateral requirements
  • Options with an emphasis on property value, not credit history
  • Options for startups

The experts at Park Cedar Commercial Lending are dedicated to finding the right commercial finance options for our clients. We understand that every company has specific goals, which is why we work to tailor business loans to your needs.

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When you need access to working capital, Park Cedar Commercial Lending can help. To schedule an appointment with our financial professionals, contact us today.

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