Monthly Archives: March 2021

Improve Your Time Management and Productivity With These Tips

Get more done during the day and keep your team on top of things with time management. Time management is key in making consistent progress as a team leader and providing motivation to your staff. Improve your productivity and time... Read More

The Reasons Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs

Statistics show that businesses owned by veterans employ almost six million people. In fact, one out of 10 businesses is a veteran owned business. This is not surprising, because many of the abilities and skills learned in military training and... Read More

Tips for Business Financing with Low Capital

Many people who want to start a business fail to do so because of one simple reason: They do not have enough start-up capital. It is true that many beginning business models require significant early-stage funding. Fortunately, sources for start-up capital are... Read More

What to Know When Traveling Abroad for Business

Traveling abroad for business creates many opportunities: personally and professionally. While it’s exciting to go somewhere new, meet new people and share your ideas, it’s also important to be mindful of cultural differences and customs that can ruin business relationships... Read More

What to Do When a Bank Denies Your Business Loan Application

It happens. Instead of getting the money and funds that you needed, you received the dreaded, “I regret to inform you,” letter in the mail. It’s okay, the bank denying your business loan is: 1. common and 2. not the... Read More

Top 3 Sources of Renewable Energy

For many years, mankind has depended on non-renewable energy sources that have steadily dwindled in supply. Fossil fuels have been diminishing, coal mining is hotly debated and new, safer sources of energy have been in high demand. Fortunately, the renewable... Read More