Operating a small business is tough. It may take a long time to even earn a first profit, and margins are likely to be pretty tight at the beginning. In fact, you may even suffer considerable losses in the early period of operating a business.

That said, there are paths to success. Countless new small businesses open all the time, and many show substantial results. Moreover, success with your own business can be personally gratifying, allowing you to make a living from work that feels truly personal, and meaningful — and over which you have substantial control.

With all this in mind, the following three tips offers suggestions for success as you work to build your business.

1. Be Careful With Loans

Borrowing money is typically an essential part of starting a new business — but that does not mean it should be undertaken haphazardly. Rather, any money borrowed should be done carefully, with an eye towards a sustainable repayment schedule.

What this means will vary from individual to individual, and from business to business. But usually, it suggests that “shopping around” for best loan options is a good idea. Don’t forget to consider options like SBA loans, which sometimes have uniquely affordable options for new business owners.

2. Be Proactive in Your Hires

The personnel with whom you start a business can make a world of difference in whether you ultimately have success in your endeavor. Pay special attention to the early hiring process to find individuals who are creative, energetic, ideally experienced, and willing and eager to grow with your company.

A diverse, competent workforce will be able to help your company through its early days, developing an efficient model for operating the business, and moving you towards ultimate success.

3. Take Time to Rest and Recharge

The stress and pressure of operating a new business can be overwhelming, and it may feel like you never have a break from work. But breaks are vital, and it is essential to take personal time in order to have business success. Taking needed time for yourself allows you to rest and recharge, and ultimately return to work rejuvenated and better equipped to handle business challenges.

Ultimately, there is no formula for success at a small business. But with a lot of hard work, and by incorporating the tips listed above, you can work to set yourself up for long-term and sustainable success.