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Tips For Franchise Financing

Opening a new business is a big step for anyone, and it can be hard to get approved for a loan to even get off the ground. One way many people streamline the process is to open a franchise for... Read More

Tips for Running a Better Accounting Department

No matter what size your business is, running it can be a complex task. This can be especially true when it comes to managing money and making sure that your accounting department is being run efficiently. Even though it may... Read More

Tips for Writing a SMART Business Plan

If you have been in the business world in the last several decades, you have probably heard about the SMART acronym. It means specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Initially, this acronym was used for personal goal setting, but it... Read More

Understanding the Benefits and the Drawbacks of Equipment Leasing

Many young startups find equipment leasing to be an attractive option. It’s no wonder why, as this financial tool can make one-time purchases much easier. Still, particular drawbacks make this path unwise for some. Use the following to weigh the... Read More

What You Should Know About Debt Financing of Commercial Real Estate

Like many residential real estate investors, most commercial real estate investors seek outside financing. Although it would be great to be able to purchase these properties in cash, their prices often require investment or debt financing. If you are thinking... Read More

The Benefits Of Healthcare Financing

Healthcare financing is an excellent billing option that optimizes the needs of both the healthcare facility (you) and the patient. Primarily, it functions as a sort of “middle-man” between the provider and the client – in a multitude of ways.... Read More

Is Leasing or Financing Better for Tax Write-Offs?

While leasing and financing will often come with their fair share of benefits for business owners in need of equipment and investors looking to acquire real estate. They also present different merits for tax write-offs. This means that purchasing your... Read More

Developing a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for Startups

Diversity and inclusion are the current drivers of change in any business, with both coming in handy in promoting safe and supportive spaces for all workers alike. While these are instrumental for startups interested in boosting innovation, they will not... Read More

Everything You Want to Know About Commercial Real Estate Financing

As a business owner, where you set up shop and operate is an intensely important decision. More importantly, even if you already have a brick and mortar location for your business, you may need to purchase equipment, make repairs or... Read More

Loans vs. Crowdfunding

When looking to raise money for your business, there are several ways that you can look to raise money for your new business endeavor. Sometimes traditional loans from a bank that you pay off over time are easily affordable. However,... Read More