It’s a new year, time for some new changes. With everything going on in the world, it’s become pretty hard to predict business trends and what returning to work will look like, but some things are for certain.

1. Remote Work Will Continue to Rise.

Working from home is definitely going to be the new normal and this is a good thing. Research studies have shown that employees tend to work longer hours when working from home which will increase company productivity. Be mindful to keep correspondence between employees professional. Also, because work is being done remotely companies are able to seek and hire talent outside of their local city.

2. Increasing Need for Social Missions

In this sociopolitical climate, employees are looking to work for and with companies that have a mission, uphold their values and are interested in moving forward. Employees are looking for high values and social responsibility from employers. They want to be proud to work at their company. Social responsibility can come in the form of partnerships, community service, diversity, purpose and progress in the overall company mission.

3. Work Life Balance & Other Perks

Long gone are the days when employees worked their lives away without any regard for their health and wellbeing. Employees are are prioritizing their own mental health and wellbeing and they want to work for companies that not only understand that, but practices it. That means having flexible work schedules, compressed work weeks and remote working.

Employees are also demanding the separation from work, free time and hobbies. They’re not rushing to take calls on their days off; they’re resting and they are willing to switch jobs if their work environment is not productive or feels safe.

Employees are also looking for companies with extra perks, such as office amenities (i.e. gym and spa memberships, car share, bring your dog to work, games, complimentary food and coffee, etc). With Generation Z adding their presence and skill set to the workforce, it’s going to be interesting to see how things evolve within the next five to ten years.