Diversity and inclusion are the current drivers of change in any business, with both coming in handy in promoting safe and supportive spaces for all workers alike. While these are instrumental for startups interested in boosting innovation, they will not always be easy to implement. A few helpful tips are outlined below.

Types Of Diversity To Consider For Your Business

Diversity refers to introducing different people to your organization, most notably those from different cultural backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, races, and those who provide different abilities. Furthermore, diversity can be categorized into different dimensions, which will often include:


The internal dimension refers to traits that a person is born with that they cannot change. Such as their race, age, or ethnicity.


The external dimension refers to aspects that an individual is not born with. With this in mind, they will often include attributes influenced by a person, such as their citizenship, education, or interests.


This dimension relates to work characteristics, with examples being work location, job function, or seniority status.

World View

Lastly, the world view will often include a person’s experience or what they observe around them. Typically, influenced by world events, politics, or pop culture.


With the above dimensions in mind, you can now move on to inclusion. Inclusion creates a safe environment for people with the above dimensions to ensure that their workers feel supported. By allowing people with differences to prosper, startups can ensure that their workers achieve their full potential. Allowing companies to perform at their optimum level.

By developing a diverse and inclusive strategy, startups have been evidenced to boost their innovation, with the ripple effect going as far as increasing the company’s financial returns. In addition to this, you get a better advantage at creating better products due to diverse employees who better understand the current market gaps. This allows you to differentiate yourself from other startups, setting yourself apart for future endeavors.

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