Our Purchase Order Financing Program May Be the Financial Solution You Need

Purchase order financing is a very flexible type of financing that many businesses don’t know exists. At Park Cedar Commercial Lending, we seek to bring awareness to this program by making it available to businesses in all industries. Purchase order funding works great for businesses that are involved in domestically producing, exporting or importing presold merchandise. It’s easy to qualify for this program, even if you have poor cash flow.

Benefits of This Program

Our program gives you the ability to worry less about finances and turn your attention toward order fulfillment. Here are some of the top program benefits you’ll get once approved:

  • Ability to receive cash without increasing your bank debt
  • Flexible funding that arrives quickly
  • Ability to make delivers on time
  • Opportunity to expand your market share

In addition to providing you with financing so you can continue keeping your customers and vendors happy, we can also create letters of credit for your export and/or import transactions. We even have experience meeting the production finance needs of new and established businesses.

Apply Today

We’d love to help you apply for our purchase order financing program today. Contact us and we’ll send an application over to you while we answer any questions you may have about our financial solutions.