Get more done during the day and keep your team on top of things with time management. Time management is key in making consistent progress as a team leader and providing motivation to your staff.

Improve your productivity and time management with these tips:

Delegate to the Team

Perhaps the most important trait of an effective leader is the ability to delegate tasks to others. This provides others with invaluable experience and insights, while freeing you up for other things.

Break It Down

Simplify and inspire by breaking down large tasks and chores into more reasonable elements that might be easier to accomplish in the run of the day. Organize and prioritize as you work your way toward your goal, without getting overwhelmed.

Avoid Micromanaging and Helicoptering

A good leader trusts their team to do the job right. Provide them with the tools that they will need and have faith in them. Avoid helicoptering over your staff as they do what you have delegated. Giving your team space to do what you ask helps to build trust and confidence, which can directly impact productivity.

Set Goals

Naturally, you want to set goals and objectives for your team, but how? Make sure that goals follow the basics for being realistic and measurable. This includes being specific with the team about the expectations, progress, and relevance, with clear time frames for completion.

Start Big

It makes sense to start with the larger or more-dreaded tasks at work first; start big and the momentum can be inspiring! Simply avoiding or procrastinating these less-appealing chores can suck up energy and motivation; get them out of the way early and reap the rewards.

Keep these tips in-mind for improving time management at work. For money matters, talk to the industry professionals at Park Cedar Commercial Lending to learn more.